For the users theme submit tool

For the Users theme submit tool

By filling out the form to the left, you can easily submit a Nintendo Switch theme for approval to be released on the theme category of our Appstore.

Themes on the Appstore are required to have non-upscaled 720p background assets and be produced by the latest version of Switch theme injector, via either the windows program or the web app. Please note that we only permit 'nxtheme' themes which can be created on the 'Nxtheme builder' tab as these provide a legal format for distributing themes.

Once your theme is approved, which may take up to 24 hours in times when our team are least active, it will be available on both the web version and the NRO version of the homebrew appstore. The NRO version also supports automatically injecting your theme via the 'Inject' option once the theme has been downloaded (provided that NxThemes Installer has been installed through the appstore on your device).

If you require any further assistance, don't hesitate to ask questions in the #appstore channel of our discord server:

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Questions about the theme creation process are best asked on Qcean:


This form includes an image cropper as part of your icon and screen upload process , you can load in any image format , then using the crop lines as a guide zoom and position your image to be saved in an appstore format.

Your sumbitted theme files are verifyied prior to inclusion so please nothing NSFW related thanks.